Medical Cleaning Services

Medical, Dental Office and other healthcare facility cleaning

Are you looking for someone to clean your doctor’s office, dental office or other healthcare facility that you can trust, will communicate frequently with you about your needs and cares about your success?

Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions of Grand Rapids, Michigan is that company. Our Medical Office Cleaning Services are committed to keeping your doctor’s office, dental hygienists’ or chiropractors’ office as sanitary, odor-free and free of dirt and germs as possible.

As medical professionals, keeping not only your patient’s but your staff as safe and healthy as possible is important. With extra attention paid to waiting rooms, exam rooms, bathrooms, offices, lobbies and all common rooms, our medical cleaning services are bar none. At Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions of Grand Rapids we can use only Green Seal Certified products. These limit the number of Volatile Organic Compounds that are released in air and improve water quality as residual chemicals are not washed away.

Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions of West Michigan can develop specialized cleaning routines for:

    • Hospitals
    • Doctor’s Offices
    • Dental Offices
    • Chiropractors
    • Nursing Homes
    • Urgent Care Facilities
    • Physical Rehabilitation Facilities
    • Outpatient Centers, and much more!

Question:   Is there a medical cleaning company in Grand Rapids and West Michigan that understand the unique challenges of cleaning doctors’ offices or other medical buildings?
Answer:  Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions in Grand Rapids has specialized training in blood borne pathogens standards, sanitation and disinfectants, microorganism transference and applicable OSHA and JCAHO Standards.

Our Medical Cleaning Services will work with your office to facilitate, daily, weekly or monthly cleaning schedules, to meet your needs. Routine calls are made to our doctors to directly discuss questions, concerns and ideas. We even have an online questionnaire where feedback can be given and there are checklists to ensure that all work is done thoroughly.